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Artículo de colaboración, en Inglés

The problem of school bullying is a subject shared by many professional jurisdictions from their respective specific approaches, such as Pedagogy, Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, and of course, it is also present at the judicial level from the courts along through the forces of order.   From Forensic Psychology we align ourselves with justice in the view that harassment is a penalty fault, even though in psychology we prefer to graduate this concept and understand it more from the prevention of a threat that violates or breaches the stability of the child or the balance of Education in a very sensitive equilibrium that any institution must keep upright in order to “Educate” our children either in a public or private training foundation of knowledge or learning experience, sort of speak. School harassment, in its different degrees and dimensions, has to do with the very human and, to a certain extent, natural aggressiveness, which in the worst cases could acquire a signi

Cuándo acudir al psicólogo, artículo en inglés

When and why make a visit to the psychologist? Hello to everyb@dy.  Many times we can hesitate to go to a psychologist because we don´t understand the signals that alert us from seeking the advice of a specialist in mental health. If these characteristics signals persist insistently, concerning our behavior accompanied with a discomfort such as an emotional distress, it could be or maybe because we don´t understand these signs that post   significant problems with multiple dimensions in our psycho-affectional tendencies, like for example the feelings of anxiety, depressions, phobias, relationship issues (what is called affective disorders) or fears. This signals are accompanied by symptoms such as repeated insomnia, stress, prolonged decay feelings (abatement), high sensitivity (feeling irritable), being inflicted with disturbing thoughts, etc. In children these signs become evident especially in school performance, likewise in behavior problems as famishing, relu