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Personalidad/Carácter, artículo en inglés...

Hello everyone: Today I would like to deal with the concept of personality. In my opinion, the personality has to do with the character of the person, and I can visualize as a mental structure, metaphorically speaking or from a psychological perspective point of view. Therefore, I would like to start by defining what we understand in psychology by Character. We have two parts in this concept, one is the normal character and the other is the pathological character. Many of the transcendental questions that people ask are whether we think they are normal or abnormal. It is normal to think or feel of this or the other way? Of course, if there is an obsession in between, that feeling or that thought is not very normal. But let’s go step by step. We begin by defining the normal character of a person by using the dictionary, and read the following: from Latin: “character”, “iron to mark”, then follows about ten different meanings to this word. We will choose to qu