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Síndrome de Stendhal , artículo en inglés

  Stendhal Syndrome Hello to everyone: Today I would like to talk to you about Stendhal Syndrome , let's talk about art then! It is a phenomenon that happens to us when we see something that seems truly artistic, beautiful (what we call fine art:   is art developed primarily for aesthetics or beauty ), and it is so even for neophytes as well for professional artists when it comes to the “creation” or design of their work as perceive as art. But we might be confused if we take the meaning of a syndrome, in a medical sense (second meaning, which appeared much later in time), in which we are given a certain pathological picture, as for example like “a set of symptoms and signs that concur in time and form and that those are of a wide-ranging etiology”. The first meaning , closest to the psychological and figurative gist of this syndrome (from the Greek syndromé , concurrence or gathering), is that of a set of any phenomena which concur wit